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Giving control over content to a general contractor

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The Project

Grandview Homes, LLC, is a general contracting firm based in Southbury, Connecticut.

Tom Pellicano, the owner of Grandview Homes, LLC, was frustrated with his inability to edit his existing web site. He said it seemed like his site was a single image.

What We Did

A little investigation confirmed that this was a Flash-based site.

We replaced the site with one with a similar graphic design, but based on WordPress to allow the content to be edited through the WordPress admin pages. Revised copy was put on the site as static pages, and a menu linking to the static pages was built.

Since Tom and his team used computer aided design (CAD) to plan projects for their clients, running WordPress was well within their capabilities.

Since Apple had been discouraging its customers from putting the Flash reader on iPhones, switching to WordPress made the site more accessible on mobile phones and tablets.

Images harvested from the Flash site were placed on the pages as featured images.

The next iteration was to add photo galleries to the pages, so that Tom could demonstrate some of his previous work to site visitors.

Next, we added a blog so Tom could keep visitors up to date with changes and news about his industry.

Finally, we tried several testimonial plugins before adding one to the blog section of the site. This lets visitors leave testimonials about work done for them by Grandview Homes. Tom can choose whether or not to add these to the site.

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